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Cartoons and Illustrations – Line of Thoughts: Media Training
Sonam Kurtoep Tshomo, October 25, 2012
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Bhutan Media Foundation completed intensive training on Cartoons and Illustrations: Line of Thoughts. This is the first training of its kind conducted for cartoonists and artist from Bhutanese media. The intensive training delivered by India’s top cartoonist, Jayanto with over 35years of experiences as a cartoonist covered not just about drawing but also about conceptualising news and events visually, minimal use of text, how to develop caricatures that can evolve into a regular cartoon character, stocking ideas, role of technology, artwork, layout, cartoon and visual media ethics.

Over 15 top cartoonists and artists from Bhutanese media attended the training. According to Chimi R Namgyal from Bhutan Observer, ‘I am truly honoured that I attended this intensive course with such a professional Cartoonist. I could clear out my doubts and able to share the ideas. Moreover I have learnt basic drawing ideas which I have never knew before.’ Rajan Rai from BBS shared, ‘the training on was very effective and will surely help me applying the technique in animation creation and web graphic. Such training should be held more frequently in Bhutan.’ Jigme Choden from The Bhutanese stated, ‘ the training covered all the basic and important things that I wanted to know.’ Chandra Singh Subba from Bhutan Times shared, ‘the training is very good and helpful for our Bhutanese Cartoonist. The training conveyed us about the importance of cartoons and the cartoonist. The training even gave us more ideas about cartoon work and how the cartoons convey the public. This kind of training must be conducted in future. Karma Lyegshey Chhopel from BBS shared, ‘course on Cartoon and Illustration was very helpful and encouraging for us to meet and learn from a renowned Cartoonist who has worked for 40 years.Cleared some of our doubts about cartoon and sketches. I think more such training should be conducted in the future. I am very fortunate to get a chance to participate in such training ever organized in Bhutan. Though I have a interest in drawing I couldn’t make it valuable because I lack the future in it. Moreover, drawing cartoon and modifying it in software in computer is the most interesting and helpful thing for us.

Tshering Dendup from UWICE said, ‘I am sure, we can see better cartoons in our Bhutanese news paper hereafter. ‘ Suraj Limbu from Dharig Magazine shared, ‘the training is very interesting , knowledgeable, informative. The training was well organized. Through this training learned much more knowledge, tips and information. Within short period of time the BMF gave us very effective and informative course.

The custom designed intensive training on photojournalism which is part of Foundation’s activities that is being implemented under BMF’s Strategic Plan (2012-2016) is one of the 10 trainings Bhutan Media Foundation is conducting during the month of October and November.

Bhutan Media Foundation was established through a Royal Charter issued by His Majesty the King on February 21, 2010 to foster the growth of a strong responsible media capable of playing an important role in the social, economic and political growth of the nation. It is the intention of the Foundation to support wholesome development of media so that it can carry out its roles and responsibilities in the interest of democracy.

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