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Fourth Graduation day at RTC

07 Jul 2015 | Kesang Om | COMMENTS 0

Medals of excellence were awarded to students for topping the respective classes

06 May 2015 | Administrator | COMMENTS 0

Inauguration Ceremony for School Hostels in Chuka District

An inauguration ceremony for the “Project for Construction of Hostels for Students at Dungna Lower Secondary School in Chuka Dzongkhag”, under the Grant Assistance for Grassroots Human Security Project (GGP), will be held on 7 May 2015 at Dungna Block in Chuka District, Southern Bhutan.

05 May 2015 | bert Kidd | COMMENTS 0

QUT visit to keep the ‘happy country’ smiling

Government leaders from Bhutan are visiting QUT to ensure the country that values happiness more than any other keeps its next generation smiling.

30 Mar 2014 | Ngawang P Phuntsho | COMMENTS 0

SAS Students on a trip to Bhutan

A group of students from Singapore and their parents are in Bhutan on a seven-day visit

12 Sep 2013 | Namgye Phuntshok | COMMENTS 0

Sudha Shah visits RTC

The King in Exile: The Fall of the Royal Family of Burmais a biography of the last king of Burma, King Thibaw and his family.

04 Sep 2013 | Tashi Dendup | COMMENTS 0

Research keeps CNR busy

Students have to complete their work by middle of this month. It will be graded for 24 out of 60 credits in the final semester.

29 Aug 2013 | Namgye Phuntshok | COMMENTS 0

RTC students elect student government representatives

The election was fair and free and the ECB officials counted the votes in public

15 Aug 2013 | Karma Deki | COMMENTS 0

Second semester in SCE begins with football match

Samtse College of Education’s second semester started with a football tournament.

08 Aug 2013 | Janet Schofield (PhD) | COMMENTS 0

Social psychological research as a resource for increasing GNH

Using knowledge stemming from already existing research and conducting carefully targeted research within Bhutan

08 Aug 2013 | Thinley Dem | COMMENTS 0

Who are the Mems?

There are stories of people in the village who were lured and kidnapped by the Mems

08 Aug 2013 | Yeshi Gyeltshen | COMMENTS 0

NITM wins fair play trophy

National Institute of Traditional Medicine boys’ football team wins the inter-college football tournament held at Paro College of Education

01 Aug 2013 | Matt G Robinson | COMMENTS 0

A diet for development

In any culture, eating customs and norms are essential part of daily life and constitute major parts of who we are. In many ways, the idea that ‘we are what we eat’ holds true.

01 Aug 2013 | NgawangTshomo | COMMENTS 0

GCBS conducts workshop for student leaders

Gaeddu College of Business Studies (GCBS) conducted an eight-day workshop for student leaders between June 27 and July 4.

01 Aug 2013 | Kamal Tamang | COMMENTS 0

A career in Harka’s twilight years

A smallish man in army boots carrying an army bag walks around Thimphu with a bunch of newspapers. The 75-year-old is Harka Dhan Rai from Samtse.

25 Jul 2013 | Phanchung | COMMENTS 0

Confidence visa-vis competence trust in workplace

Technically a workplace involves an employer and an organisation. However, workplace is not necessarily limited to private and public sector jobs to earn a living. There is no empirical research in this article to substantiate the claim dealing with confidence and competence in performing the task.

25 Jul 2013 | Yeshi Gyeltshen | COMMENTS 0

NITM prepares to shift to the new academic block

The construction of National Institute of Traditional Medicine’s (NITM) new buildings is now complete and the institute is preparing to move into the new block.

25 Jul 2013 | Tashi Chophel | COMMENTS 0

ILCS elects counsellors

Faculty members, support staff and students of the Institute of Language and Culture Studies (ILCS) took part in the election of student counsellors on June 10.

18 Jul 2013 | Sanjeev Mehta | COMMENTS 0

Private sector’s blues

It has become ritualistic to talk with concern about the limited ability of the private sector in Bhutan.

18 Jul 2013 | By Sonam Chophel | COMMENTS 0

Flying colours at RIHS

Lungten, a GNM graduates, said, “I am proud to have completed my diploma course successfully.

18 Jul 2013 | Kencho Wangmo | COMMENTS 0

My beautiful institute

I have spent almost two and a half years in JigmeNamgyel Polytechnic (JNP).

17 Jul 2013 | Prem Dhungyel | COMMENTS 0

Impacts of globalisation

Globalisation is a continuing phenomenon. World is becoming smaller, countries more intimate.

17 Jul 2013 | Thinley Dem | COMMENTS 0

Planting paddy in Nasekha

After breakfast, some more men and women show up. Aum Chhimi looks busy and tensed. She has loads of job to do today.

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