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Misplaced celebrations

01 Aug 2013 | Ap Tsara | COMMENTS 0

Wai! Celebrating an occasion in one’s career, from birthdays to promotion, has become inescapable these days.

25 Jul 2013 | Ap Tsara | COMMENTS 0

Beyond promises

How about turning around our waste management system, for a start? Mounting waste is turning this pristine country dirty and ugly. It’s not too late to start something workable.

18 Jul 2013 | Ap Tsara | COMMENTS 0

Who says youth are happy?

Wai! Within the span of one month, we have heard of two suicide cases in Thimphu itself.

17 Jul 2013 | Ap Tsara | COMMENTS 0

A solemn event

Wai! We’re done with another successful election. Yesterday’s election was, by all standards, successful. It was peaceful, smooth, and well organised, not to mention it was free and fair

04 Jul 2013 | Ap Tsara | COMMENTS 0

Need more private colleges

Wai! We have come a long way from the time when parents tried every means to keep their children out of schools.

30 Jun 2013 | Ap Tsara | COMMENTS 0

Mini veg markets

Wai! If roadside scenes in Bhutan are changing today, it’s partly thanks to vegetable sellers.

20 Jun 2013 | Ap Tsara | COMMENTS 0

Faceless netizens

Wai! As the general election approaches, the social media has become a heady mix of all sorts of people

14 Jun 2013 | Ap Tsara | COMMENTS 0

Netizens on the loose

Wai! Bhutan’s political atmosphere is rife with speculations, romours, and some degree of rancour

23 May 2013 | Ap Tsara | COMMENTS 0

The canines nuisance

Wai! Bhutan may be one of the few countries in the world where dogs make the headlines more than some groups of humans

16 May 2013 | Ap Tsara | COMMENTS 0

Food for thought, indeed

Wai! As the political campaigns go full swing, the people are slowly beginning to realise the nuances of politicking.

12 May 2013 | Ap Tsara | COMMENTS 0

What really is giving service?

Wai! It is good to see G4S personnel executing their duties sincerely. In a society where people are so laid-back,

02 May 2013 | Ap Tsara | COMMENTS 0

Shifting political lines – illegal or is it not?

Wai! The National Council election euphoria has come and gone. During the campaigns and the common fora

25 Apr 2013 | Ap Tsara | COMMENTS 0

What a political development we have!

Wai! Now that the second National Council (NC) elections are over, our people will get a brief time of respite

18 Apr 2013 | Ap Tsara | COMMENTS 0

Power paraphernalia confusion

Wai! The use of kabneys confuses us yet again. As the first democratically elected government

16 Apr 2013 | Ap Tsara | COMMENTS 0

What of language? what its purpose?

Wai! The compulsory use of Dzongkha even in the non-Dzongkha speaking communities for election campaigns

04 Apr 2013 | Ap Tsara | COMMENTS 0

Maturing politics

Wai! The meeting of the representatives of the five political parties for a party introduction at Royal Thimphu College

28 Mar 2013 | Ap Tsara | COMMENTS 0

Political maturity

Wai! The manner in which our politics is exhibiting signs of maturity is both astonishing and perplexing

21 Mar 2013 | Ap Tsara | COMMENTS 0


15 Mar 2013 | Ap Tsara | COMMENTS 0

Democracy, whence and whither flown again, who knows?

Wai! The way our democracy is maturing is a little unsettling. It seems that we are deluded by the praises we hear of successes

07 Mar 2013 | Ap Tsara | COMMENTS 0

Of this and that and naught this?

02 Mar 2013 | COMMENTS 0

Parents, the buck stops with you!

22 Feb 2013 | COMMENTS 0

Success of education and the lessons

Wai! The year-long observance of the Sherig Century ended yesterday coinciding with the birth anniversary of our beloved King.

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