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Wanted: live TV

24 Sep 2013 | www.tsheringtobgay.com | COMMENTS 0

BBS has shown many people, from various walks of life, all denouncing the restrictions imposed on BBS TV’s live broadcast. Yet, the National Assembly shows no sign of reconsidering its decision.

12 Sep 2013 | Wangcha Sangey | COMMENTS 0

So, How Fares the Bhutan Parliament?

After that the leader of the Ruling Party cum Prime Minister, the leader of the Opposition and the Chairman of the National Council offers to the King, the People and the Nation their heartfelt submissions of tributes, hopes, fears and grievances if any.

10 Sep 2013 | Tshering Cigay Dorji | COMMENTS 0

Seven Compelling Reasons Why Bhutan Should Promote Electric Vehicles

The cost of running Reva electric car in Bhutan is said to be Nu. 0.40 per Km as against around Nu. 5.00 per Km for a regular car

14 Aug 2013 | Lobzang Nima | COMMENTS 0

My words my wish: A classroom experience!

One in particular, our bell captain writes beautiful verses on love. I call him Tshering Keats Tobgay after the romantic John Keats.

05 Aug 2013 | Lobzang Nima | COMMENTS 0

The little Park Avenue!

Just like the Americans, we in Bhutan have now become very much obsessed with land, owning a house and a car. This is the ‘American Dream’ where everyone is given an opportunity to own it as people say, “America is the land of opportunities”. Now, according to critics and economists, this balance of power is shifting towards the east. If you know what I mean!

05 Aug 2013 | Nawang P. Phuntsho | COMMENTS 0

Reprograming our Civic Sense

I was totally taken back. That was not what I expected to greet me. But it is a sad reality; this is when modern problems coupled with our traditional mindset

30 Jul 2013 | Lobzang Nima | COMMENTS 1

Bhutan’s Earnest Hemingway!

I once handed a short story to my then English teacher and after reading it. “Lobzang, if you write about love, tragedy other subjects that you are interested, it has already been written and written better than you by Shakespeare, Defoe, Dickens etc

19 Nov 2012 | Rabi C Dahal | COMMENTS 0

Being Chased

Little Dema sat on the veranda of her aunt’s house with her rag doll on her lap.

18 Oct 2012 | Karma Yezer | COMMENTS 0

First impression is not always the last impression

It is better to portray our-selves smart in first place but it is even more important to maintain it throughout.

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