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Regional employment and labour office offers employment information
Gyembo Namgyal, February 13, 2014
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The Regional Employment and Labour Office (RELO) under ministry of labour and human resources in Samdrup Jongkhar have started a service centre to help job seekers since 2009. But, there are not many users of the service as of now. This year though, the office is vigorously trying to promote and encourage job seekers to make use of the facilities and services available at the office, so that they can, not only make informed choices but enter the job market better prepared.

“We have a set of computers with internet connection to enable job seekers to browse and look for job vacancies online and also file their job portal online after registering,” said Regional Labour and Employment Director Sonam Bumtap.

He said that, the office located on Dzonglam is meant to cater to the two dzongkhags of Samdrup Jongkhar and Pemagatshel.

The service centre has a public notice board that is accessible any time of the day with updates and information on job vacancies in both government and private corporations. A kiosk machine is also stationed at the service centre where potential job seekers can browse and look for vacancies and get themselves registered. This is also open 24/7 to facilitate the convenience of the job seekers.

Despite the facility being in place for some years now, most are unaware of its existence. “I did not know such a facility existed for the two dzongkhag. Had I known about it, it would have saved me lot of my resources which I had to mobilize in sending my son to Thimphu to look for employment last year,” said Tashi Sonam, a farmer from Pemagatshel.

He said that there are some children in his neighbourhood who said they may not make it to colleges this year and whose parents cannot afford to send them privately. “Some of those children said that they will have to look for employment but have no one in Thimphu to live with. I think, this will be useful information for them that I will pass on,” he said.

A class twelve student who is set to miss out colleges this year said that even he is not aware that a service centre like this existed any where nearby. “I did not know about it. I think I will have to make to Samdrup Jongkhar with other job seekers and avail the services of the centre,” said Dendu, a potential job seeker.

He said that, given the various implications, he has decided to look for an employment rather than be a burden to his parents who are already living a financially strained life sending children to schools. “I have come to the term with the reality and do not have big dreams but a wish to make a living on my own and lighten the burden on my ageing parents. I did not know where to begin and this has now given me a lead where to begin from,” he said.

Sonam Bumtap said, that the service centre his office has, fits the perfect bill for job seekers’ first step and this is where they should come to get themselves prepared. The centre has a full time counselor who can help needy children prepare mentally and emotionally. “Our centre can also help them prepare their applications and assist in writing their resume, write ups and cover letters which are all critical factors in seeking employment. They can also be counseled with useful tips on facing interviews here at the centre. This is one area where children from rural country side suffer the most from the lack of exposure,” said Sonam Bumtap.

The regional director said that, his office is trying to disseminate information about the free facilities available and feels that, lack of awareness and location could have been the reason as most of the jobs ultimately land up in Thimphu where most of the jobs are.

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