Bhutan Observer
Third Korean Film Festival underway in Bhutan
Administrator, December 11, 2013

The 3rd film festival of the Republic of Korea, themed “Sharing Ideas” began yesterday at the City Cinema, Chubachu in Thimphu. It is organised together by the Department of Information & Media, MoIC and the Embassy of the Republic of Korea in Bangladesh. The two-day festival ends today.

With Korean Assistance, two Korean Film festivals were held in 2011 and 2012.

The development cooperation for the film sector was identified and prioritized in keeping with the personal request of His Majesty the King of Bhutan and Kim Joong-Keun former Ambassador of the Republic of Korea, New Delhi during the Ambassadors audience with the King of Bhutan in November 2010.

The Ambassador of the Republic of Korea Lee Yun Young and delegations consisting of Kim Hyu-Joo, Councellor, Korean Embassy in Dhaka, Kim Bok-Hee, Resident Representative, KOICA Bangladesh Office and Choi Jun-Ho, Deputy Representative, KOICA Banagladesh Office are attending the Film Festival.

The Korean International Corporation Agency - KOICA has agreed to take up numerous activities that the Department of Information and Media have proposed, such as the dispatch of Korean experts to assist Bhutan’s film industry and the recent workshop conducted on marketing strategy, preproduction and scriptwriting.

The workshop was attended by about 30 participants from the Bhutanese film industry. The resource persons from Korea were very well versed in their respective field and the training conducted by them was very much appreciated by our Bhutanese filmmakers. According to the participants the two and half day workshop on marketing, preproduction and scriptwriting was equivalent to attending three months training in similar field.

KOICA is also working on the invitational programme, which will commence soon where training will be provided in Korea, in the areas of advanced cinematography, lighting and sound. A visit by the officials from the government and film industry is also being organized by KOICA. All of these activities are aimed at enhancing professionalism in our film industry and is expected to lead to production of better quality films and growth of a healthy Bhutanese film sector.