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Mender of bad soles in Lhuentse

In respect of a fine workman, he is but, a mender of bad soles. Sunil Ram in Lhuentse.From school children to civil servants to farmers in Lhuentse, all come to Sunil with their old shoes

02 May 2013 | Rabi C Dahal | COMMENTS 0

Bhutan observes Press Freedom Day

Bhutan observes the twentieth anniversary of World Press Freedom Day today. The theme this year is “safe

18 Apr 2013 | COMMENTS 0

A Cry of the heart from a recovering addict

January, 12, 1989 was the day that I let out my first cry on this earth. Both of my parents were watching me grow

07 Apr 2013 | Gyembo Namgyal | COMMENTS 0

Apchi Sir’s priceless mementos: Santosh Chowdhury packs to leave

As Santosh Chowdhury packs to leave for his home in India after long and illustrious career as a teacher in Bhutan

01 Apr 2013 | Rabi C Dahal | COMMENTS 0

Politics and public privacy on the journey south from Thimphu

The second parliamentary elections are just round the bend. Five political parties are trying to write history

21 Mar 2013 | Rabi C Dahal | COMMENTS 0

A bright girl in need of help to finance her education

You educate a complete family when you educate a woman. Entire nation, even. Indeed.Being able to send your child

15 Mar 2013 | Rabi C Dahal | COMMENTS 0

‘Bhutan Sir’ in India

During the March 9 to 10 Bhutan International Education Fair in Thimphu, hundreds of Class XII graduates

07 Mar 2013 | Gyembo Namgyal | COMMENTS 0

‘As a pilgrim will I return to Bhutan every year’

a teacher of Wangchu Middle Secondary School in Chukha, who resigned last month after 27 years

03 Mar 2013 | Rabi C Dahal | COMMENTS 0

Could social media be deciding factor in 2013 elections?

As the second parliamentary elections are nearing, politicking is heating up per diem. Politicians – veteran and aspiring – are at full throttle already promoting their candidature in the constituencies.

03 Mar 2013 | Jigme Wangchuk | COMMENTS 1

A woman says “I can”
Lily-Wangchuk, President, DCT

A former diplomat, who is leading a political party, says she can be a people’s leader and beacon of hope for the women

08 Feb 2013 | Khandu Tobgyel | COMMENTS 0

“I own a dream”

It’s a crisp morning, sunless and grey. Shops along the Norzin Lam in Thimphu are still shut and will remain so until sun-up a few hours from now.

07 Feb 2013 | Needrup Zangpo | COMMENTS 0

Former teacher takes on relative

Two individuals will vie for people’s support from NarangGewog in Mongar to stand for the National Council (NC) election this year.

25 Jan 2013 | Needrup Zangpo | COMMENTS 0

New children’s book discusses democratic concepts like responsibility, election etc.

Bhutan Centre for Media and Democracy’s (BCMD) new book for children, Who’s Responsible?

25 Jan 2013 | Pema Tenzin | COMMENTS 0

While his friends move out, he loves to live in village

Tashi says the road to his village has come as a bane rather than boon.

21 Jan 2013 | Jigme Wangchuk | COMMENTS 0

Camp inspires students to take up farming

"Village life is beautiful and agriculture is what I feel I will enjoy doing"

11 Jan 2013 | Jigme Wangchuk | COMMENTS 0

From a statistician to a politician

"The way things are going, it is clear that we should seek new leadership direction"

04 Jan 2013 | Khandu Tobgyel in Punakha | COMMENTS 0

Spiritual trade by the wang site

Thousands of people are lined up and moving slowly towards Mochubaazam

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