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21 Mar 2013 | Editor | COMMENTS 0

One day for happiness

14 Mar 2013 | Editor | COMMENTS 0

Know your candidates enough?

As the nation prepares to go to the National Council (NC) polls on April 23, political excitement is building up

07 Mar 2013 | Editor | COMMENTS 0

Finding the bigger picture

02 Mar 2013 | COMMENTS 0

NC talks accountability

22 Feb 2013 | COMMENTS 0

Need to understand media better

As the nation prepares for the second parliamentary elections, it may be important to reflect on why information dissemination is crucial for educating the voters on making the right choice.

15 Feb 2013 | COMMENTS 0

Lessons to learn in Snake year

The Snake year is starting on an encouraging note. The second parliamentary elections are nearing and, unlike in 2008, this year we have five political parties representing different development and leadership ideas.

08 Feb 2013 | COMMENTS 0

Villagers awake to politics

Once again, our villages will come alive.

01 Feb 2013 | COMMENTS 0

What Bhutan’s big mission means

The ongoing conference of the international expert working group on Bhutan-led New Development Paradigm (NDP) in Thimphu aspires to change the world.

25 Jan 2013 | COMMENTS 0

Number or choice?

As the next round of parliamentary elections approach, each new political party is in a rush to name their prospective candidates.

21 Jan 2013 | COMMENTS 0

Novel project successful

The intra-dzongkhag resettlement of some villagers in Pemagatshel is found to be successful.

11 Jan 2013 | COMMENTS 0

Journalists as regional partners

The eighth South Asia Free Media Conference this week was significant.

04 Jan 2013 | COMMENTS 0

Time again to choose leadership

With the registration this week of two new political parties – Bhutan Kuen-Nyam Party and DrukChirwangTshogpa – Bhutan is most likely headed for the primary round of election this year.

28 Dec 2012 | COMMENTS 0

City should apologise

The death of a child at the centenary children’s park in Thimphu this week is a rude reminder of the importance of safety in public spaces.

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