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Bhutan Observer
   HM grants audience to earthquake relief unit members | HM appoints Dzongdags | HM appoints privy council members | Chinese Ambassador calls on PM | Third International Conference for Financing for Development held

16 Apr 2013 | Karma Tenzin | COMMENTS 0

So that our cultural sites and religious monuments are protected

Cultural properties give a distinctive identity of people of a given geographic region.

04 Apr 2013 | Ban Ki-moon | COMMENTS 0

A thousand days to keep the millennium promise

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step, but starting this week

28 Mar 2013 | A.K. Mishra | COMMENTS 0

Risks of foreign currency borrowings in Indian context

Emerging economies around the globe are looking for various options to finance their domestic

14 Mar 2013 | Chetsho Thinley | COMMENTS 0

All for inclusive, fair and equitable modernisation

Back in the olden days, when our forefathers lived off the land, their only worries were losing few crops and livestock to wild animals

22 Feb 2013 | Jamtsho | COMMENTS 0

Sacrifice not life for wealth

I am very impressed by a recent report in Bhutan Observer saying that some people in the east did not have time to enjoy their losar.

15 Feb 2013 | Kunga Tenzin Dorji | COMMENTS 0

"To control is to have power. But power is best used when it is decentralised"

When I file in a story – as I do now – I am comfortable with the knowledge that at least two editors will cast their eyes and red pens over it and demand that I double-check some statements and quotes.

08 Feb 2013 | COMMENTS 0

Status of rupee and financial institutions in the country

While growth has been strong over the last years, external imbalances have persisted, reflecting the underlying structural imbalances in the country.

08 Feb 2013 | COMMENTS 0

Clarification on unemployment statistics

Response to Bhutan Observer’s story titled "Prioritise Youth Issues: DCT"

01 Feb 2013 | COMMENTS 0

Underlining human values

It is an empirical reality that we contain a miniature universe within ourselves.

25 Jan 2013 | COMMENTS 0

Why is illegal private tuition allowed?

It is high time that we did something about this bugging issue of tuition.

21 Jan 2013 | COMMENTS 0

Dust poses public health risk

Stone crushing units that cough up endless puffs of minute dust into the air.

21 Jan 2013 | COMMENTS 0

Don’t waste

'Not to waste' is the key to being rich and successful.

11 Jan 2013 | COMMENTS 0

Easing burdens of business through licensing reform

Private sector development is at the heart of Bhutan’s Economic Development Policy (EDP) 2010.

04 Jan 2013 | COMMENTS 0

Bhutan: A personal tribute

Transcript of Indian Ambassador Pavan K Verma’s farewell address to Bhutan on December 24 (Part II)

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